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Library card application and renewal form

  1. Your new card will be mailed to the address you provide. This acts as proof of address for Orono residents. 

    If you are looking to obtain an OPL card as an out-of-town patron ($30/year) or as an Orono business employee ($10/year), please stop by the library to apply and pay the fee (cash or check only). Thank you.

  2. You may include middle name or initial.

  3. Pick-up Options for RSU 26 Students:
  4. May we share your library account number with the school librarian for the purpose of assisting you with requesting items and accessing cloudLibrary?
  5. Dirigo Pines Inn residents only

    If you are a resident of Dirigo Pines (cottages or Inn), we will deliver your items to the Inn's front desk, where you can arrange to pick them up or be delivered. Click on the "yes" box to the right.

  6. Yes, I would like my items delivered to the Dirigo Pines Inn.
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