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Borrowing Privileges

  1. Borrowing policy

    An Orono Public Library card allows the holder to borrow items which have been purchased by the library to share with its wonderful, supportive community. 

    When borrowing an item, please handle it carefully and return it to the library by the due date. 

    The library's physical items circulate for three weeks (with a few exceptions). 

    Most items may be renewed for up to two additional borrowing periods. If an item has been placed on hold by another patron, it may not be renewed. Items requested from other libraries may be renewed once.

    The library does not charge overdue fines, with the understanding that you will return the item in a timely fashion.  

    If an item has reached billed status on your account (20 days overdue), you must return the item or be responsible for the replacement cost. The bill will be waived upon return of the item.

    Lost or damaged items will be billed to your account.

    A bill on your account will block further borrowing and requesting until the bill is resolved.

    Please enjoy your borrowing privileges!

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