Winter Parking Ban Information

Daily Overnight Parking Ban

The Town of Orono has a winter parking ban each year. Dates of the ban are set each year by Public Works and the Police Department, based on changing seasonal conditions. When the beginning and end dates of the ban are set, they will be communicated to the public across platforms, including at this page

During the duration of the ban, motor vehicles must be parked in off-street locations between 12AM (midnight) and 8AM.  

Winter Storm Response Parking Ban

During a winter weather event and subsequent cleanup, vehicles are required to be parked off-street to allow for snow removal. If owners/users of motor vehicles do not comply, vehicles in violation of the ordinance may be towed. Vehicles may continue to park in designated parking spaces along Mill Street and in Municipal Parking Lots (Pine Street, Bennoch Road, Mill Street, and behind the Public Safety Building on Main Street) until 2AM.

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4. Winter Parking Ban Information