The Boston Post Cane

The Boston Post Cane tradition, established in 1909 by Edwin Grozier (Editor and Publisher of the Boston Post Newspaper), was established to honor the oldest resident in each of the participating municipalities in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

When the Town of Orono, along with approximately 430 other New England towns and cities, elected to become a trustee of one of the seven hundred Boston Post Canes produced, the agreement included the stipulation that the original cane remain in the Town’s possession and not be given to the resident who received it. The original Boston Post Cane is displayed in the Town Office lobby and a reproduction is awarded by the Orono Town Council to the selected recipient.

In accordance with tradition, the Orono Town Council will award the Boston Post Cane to the eldest known Orono resident whose parent or parents were Orono resident(s) at the time of his or her birth and who has resided within the Town for no less than 20 years (not necessarily consecutively). Upon the recipient’s death or relocation outside of the municipality, the cane shall be returned to the Town Clerk and the search for the next recipient undertaken.

More information about The Boston Post Cane tradition can be found here

Polly Butler (1921 - 2023) was the last awardee of Orono's Boston Post Cane. She was presented the cane in 2016. Polly grew up attending church at Saint Mary's Catholic Church and graduated from Orono High School. Polly was a homemaker who loved to cook whether at home in the kitchen or over a wood fire while camping.

Smiling elderly woman standing on a front porch with birthday balloons

George W. Lunt (October 10, 1909 - February 15, 1911) (First Recipient)
Sudilee St. Peter (March 13, 1953 - September 26, 1960) 
John Henry Dow (October 17, 1960 - January 11, 1961)
Elzora Wing (December 17, 1962 - January 4, 1963)
Annie Doyle (January 29, 1963 - August 18, 1964)
Nora Miles (1964) 
Eliza Nichols (January 28, 1979)
Margie K. Spruce (July 1, 1987)
Josephine Ryan (October 16, 1989)
Dorothy L. Scammon (February 12, 1996)
Helen Park (May 12, 2000)
Vaun Phillips (December 10, 2001 - December 7, 2006)
Ruth Dickey (July 13, 2008 - November 26, 2008)
Viola Purinton Giffin (March 15, 2009 - March 8, 2012)
Elaine S Carpenter (September 7, 2013)

Nominations For The Boston Post Cane

Upon formal vote of the Orono Town Council, the Council Chairperson, or designee, and Town Clerk shall present the Boston Post Cane replica and certificate to the chosen recipient.  The actual Boston Post Cane shall remain displayed at the Orono Municipal Office and the Town Clerk shall maintain a record of Orono Boston Post Cane recipients.

To nominate someone for the Boston Post Cane, fill out the form below, print and fill out this form or call the Town Office for more information at 207-866-2556.

Town Guidelines for Awarding the Boston Post Cane may be found here.