Council & Council Committees Meeting Schedule

All meetings and dates subject to change

September 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023


Monday, 9/4
HOLIDAYNo Meeting - Town Offices Closed
Monday 9/115:00PMTown Council Meeting
Tuesday, 9/126:00PMCouncil DEIB Meeting
Monday, 9/185:00PMCouncil Committees Meeting
Thursday, 9/216:00PMSpecial Finance & Operations Meeting
Wednesday, 9/206:30PMFYI: Planning Board Meeting
Monday, 9/25HOLIDAYNo Meeting (Yom Kippur)


Sunday, 10/014:30PMCouncil Community Potluck (Keith Anderson Community House)
Monday, 10/025:00PMCouncil Committees Meeting
Monday, 10/09HOLIDAYNo Meeting - Town Offices Closed
Monday, 10/165:00PMTown Council Meeting w/Workshop
Wednesday, 10/186:30PMFYI: Planning Board Meeting
Monday, 10/235:00PMCouncil Committees Meeting
Monday, 10/305:00PMCouncil Committees Meeting


Sunday, 11/054:30PMCouncil Community Potluck (Keith Anderson Community House)
Monday, 11/065:00PMCouncil Committees Meeting
Thursday, 11/09HOLIDAYTown Offices Closed
Monday, 11/135:00PMTown Council Meeting
Wednesday, 11/156:30PMFYI: Planning Board Meeting
Thursday, 11/164:00PMScott Scripture Memorial Community Dinner
Monday, 11/205:00PMCouncil Committees Meeting
11/23 & 11/24HOLIDAYSTown Offices Closed
Monday, 11/275:00PMCouncil Committees Meeting


Sunday, 12/034:30PMCouncil Community Potluck (Keith Anderson Community House)
Monday, 12/045:00PMCouncil Committees Meeting
Monday, 12/115:00PMTown Council Meeting
Monday, 12/185:00PMCouncil Committees Meeting
Wednesday, 12/206:30PMFYI: Planning Board Meeting
Monday, 12/25HOLIDAYNo Meeting - Town Offices Closed