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Town Clerk’s Office - FY24 
(Town Clerk, Elections, Tax-Sewer Billing/Collection, & General Assistance)

Assumed Outcomes:

  • Effective and transparent stewardship of the daily cash receipts and town records
  • Meaningful internal and external communication networks
  • Efficient foundation/general inquiries  for all Town operations / departments
  • Highly responsive customer service whether by phone, email or in-person
  • Maintaining the retention,  disposition and preservation schedule of Town records


  • Assistance with the Annual independent audit (Daily cash receipts/state reports)
  • Publish an annual report with statutorily required components and customer transaction summaries for each Town Department
  • Supervise Federal, State and local elections as well as maintenance of accurate voter list and state reporting  (11,021 registered voters)
  • Collection, Reporting and financial oversight for the collection of State Fees, such as; Vital Records, Dept of Inland Fisheries, Animal Welfare (Dogs), INFORME/PAYPORT and Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Collection and Reporting of Community Connector Bus tickets 
  • Billing and customer resolution for the Sewer and Tax Departments
  • Response to general real estate, mortgage and federal / state inquiries regarding Sewer/Taxes for Orono properties.
  • Collection and statutory notice filings regarding Sewer and Tax Lien process
  • Maintain and provide for inspection of Town records including business filings
  • Notice and record public hearings, local ordinances, permits, licenses, etc
  • Collection of Maine Payport Online Payments and BMV Rapid Renewal Service
  • Administration and state reporting of the Town’s General Assistance program
  • Administration and reporting of the Penobscot County Salvation Army program
  • Maintain the sale and scheduled use of burial lots at the Riverside Cemetery   
  • Maintain inventory and replacement of general office supplies and town office equipment such as; copiers/postage meter machine and consumables. 

Current Methods:

  • Maintain Cash Receipts/Accounts Receivable/Clerk/Motor Vehicle Software System 
  • Administration and reconciliation of  the Town’s INFORME/PAYPORT service to offer online bill pay for most Town Departments and acceptance of Credit/Debit cards.
  • Budget Preparation for Town Office, Elections and General Assistance
  • Customer Transaction Analysis & Reporting 
  • Processing of Accounts Payable & Receivable, Audit Preparations 
  • Processing & Collecting of Taxes / Sewer through lien filing at Penobscot Registry
  • Vendor Communications and contractual agreements on leased equipment
  • Managing Internal & External  Communications System for Town Departments
  • Coordination with outside software and equipment consultants
  • Purchasing of office equipment and consumables for Town Office building
  • Maintaining Cable broadcasting system and record council meetings
  • Notary Public / Dedimus Justice Services
  • Voter Registration & Coordination of Federal, State and Local Elections (3-4/year)
  • Certification of voter signatures on local and state petitions through citizen initiatives
  • Petition circulator / state candidate’s contributions certification
  • Issuing of permits & licenses for Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Processing of Motor Vehicle / Rapid Renewals / Recreational  Registrations
  • Genealogy, general Cemetery inquiries, and lot openings for burials
  • Vital Records Management, performing Weddings & State reporting
  • Act as a conduit for the dissemination of information to the general public 
  • Maintain Cemetery Records and Perpetual Care 
  • Maintain Town Archival Records and Ensure Appropriate Disposition and Retention for Town Departments