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Parks & Recreation Department - FY 24


  • Provide quality programming, services, and spaces for the community that enhances individual, familial, and community health and vibrancy; 
  • Participant’s gain satisfaction and positive results that are safe and enjoyable while developing new skills and interests.
  • Provide highly planned activities that focus on offerings that accommodate the broadest population without discrimination regardless of skills and interest levels; 
  • Promote a sense of community consistent with the community’s values; and 
  • Maintain recreational facilities, parks, trails, and natural resources to create opportunities to conserve, educate and recreate for the enjoyment of present and future generations.


  • While there is no legal or regulatory mandate to provide recreation services to the community, like other community services, if the Town elects to have these programs it is required to comply with general workplace safety regulations as well as best professional practices.


The department will utilize one of four delivery methods for its programs, activities, and events.

  • Town Sponsored
    • Town Oversight, Financial Control, and Approval of Methods
  • Collaborative Partnerships
    • Regional Rec Programs, UMaine, Adult Education, RSU #26

Contracted Programs

  • Independent Contractor, Agreed Scope of Work, and Insurance
  • Facility Rental
    • No Direct Town Oversight, Insurance Required, and Fee May be Waived







  • Parks and Recreation Manager (40 hours/week)
  • Parks and Recreation Programmer (40 Hours/week)
  • Partnership with University of Maine 
    • There is a contract between UMaine Campus Recreation and the Town for them to provide operational support for RAD Afterschool and Municipal Pool Staff. 
    • There is also a partnership between the Town and UMaine to run the RAD Summer camp program.
  • Other Organizational Partnerships:   Penobscot Nation, Orono Veazie Little League, Adult Education, Penobscot Valley Ski Club, Orono Paddlers, UMaine College of Education
  • Contracted Instructors/ Programs 
    • Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing, Swim Lessons 
  • Volunteers 
    • Sport Coaches (32 coaches providing over 1,200 hours of instruction)
    • Trail Maintenance and Trails Committee ( 40 volunteers providing over 300 hours of labor)
    • Beatification Committee (20 Volunteers maintain all of the towns flower beds 
    • Student Volunteers (High School and College level providing over 500 hours) 
  • Partnership with the UMaine Physical Education Majors Club to support teaching/coaching opportunities and Recreation and Club Sports. 

Recreational Facilities and Equipment:


  • Municipal Pool
  • Birch Street Senior Center
  • Keith Anderson Community House 
  • Community Playground 
  • Municipal Outdoor Ice Rink
  • Marden Park 
  • Asa Adams Multi-Purpose Field
  • Rec Softball Field
  • Gould’s Landing/Nadeau-Savoy Park at Pushaw Lake
  • Brownies Canoe/Kayak Launch Area
  • Union Street Boat Launch
  • Broadway Pocket Park
  • Summer Street Park
  • Webster Park
  • Pop-up Rink 
  • Trail System/Open Spaces
  • Community Gardens