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Public Works/Infrastructure Services - FY24


  • Maintain and improve travel ways during all four seasons to provide safe and efficient use for all modes of transportation, including mass transit, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians while meeting all state and federally mandated standards; 
  • Provide effective solid waste management services to residents while meeting or exceeding all state and federally mandated standards; 
  • Provide a respectful and service oriented cemetery; and
  • To meet or exceed all environmental standards as required to responsibly manage the Town’s infrastructure.
  • Work to support the Community in its efforts to meet climate action plan goals and advance initiatives locally and regionally consistent with the Community Resilience Partnership and the “Maine Won’t Wait” climate action plan.


  • State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection permits for stormwater management and solid waste services require documented work plans that guide operations.
  • State and federal laws require that our cemetery is maintained to specific standards.
  • Maine Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration standards for maintenance of right of ways must be adhered to when maintaining our infrastructure during all four seasons. This includes compliance with ADA and highway safety standards for all modes of transportation.
  • Maintain safe labor conditions for all employees by meeting or exceeding all applicable OSHA and Maine Department of Labor Public Sector Standards.


  • General Maintenance: Maintenance of over 40 miles of Town and State Right of Ways within the Urban Compact. Tasks include:
    • Street and sidewalk pavement repairs
    • Sweeping
    • Pavement markings
    • Sign maintenance
    • Street lighting maintenance
    • Traffic light and crosswalk signal maintenance
    • Procuring, producing, hauling, and stocking construction materials
    • Storm sewer system and ditch maintenance and repairs
    • Mowing and grounds maintenance for all Town properties,  parks, and athletic fields
    • Roadside mowing, hazardous tree removal and pruning, and other vegetation management services
    • Manage Street Opening, Curb Cut, and Utility Location Permits issued within the Right of Way
  • Capital Investment: Support the Capital Infrastructure Investment Plan by:
    • Develop the Capital Infrastructure Investment Plan including estimating and prioritization of potential projects.
    • Complete and maintain infrastructure, facility, and fleet asset inventories.
    • Manage schedules, contracts, and other administration of the projects
    • Inspect and observe all construction activities within the Right of Way to ensure adherence with contract specifications and best management practices.
    • Support the projects with in-house labor, equipment, and materials when appropriate to reduce project costs and improve overall quality of the finished project.


  • Winter Maintenance: Maintenance of all public ways related to snow and ice removal during the winter months. The Town maintains 89 lane miles of road, 8 acres of Municipal and RSU #26 parking areas, and 17 miles of sidewalk. 


Tasks include:

  • Respond to winter snow and ice events as dispatched by Public Safety
  • Provide 24 hour snow removal service establishing five primary routes of approximately 17 miles each. Each primary route has secondary roads associated with it that are plowed and maintained less often. All roads are maintained such that they are reasonably travelable with a passenger vehicle at all times.
  • Provide continuous snow removal services for all Municipal Parking Lots totaling approximately 4 acres.
  • Provide snow removal services in parking areas totaling approximately 4 acres for RSU #26 school facilities located in Orono. 
  • Clear high priority sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of the storm; working to clear all sidewalks within 72 hours. Priority sidewalks may be cleared using overtime hours.
  • Clear crosswalks and bus stops as soon as reasonably possible, generally within 72 hours of the end of an event.
  • Public Works staffing levels are coordinated such that no employee works in excess of sixteen (16) continuous hours per shift without a minimum of eight (8) hours between shifts to meet the Town’s expectations for staff workplace safety standards. 
  • Treat roads with a salt priority using unmixed salt when conditions are appropriate. Use a combination of salt brine and/or magnesium chloride bride to treat salt as it is spread to maximize the effectiveness of the materials being spread. Some secondary roads may be treated with a salt / sand mix.
  • Stock appropriate quantities of sand, salt, and brine to carry out the maintenance.


  • Fleet Maintenance: Maintain Town equipment and vehicles used to carry out operations Including:
    • Staff a full time mechanic charged with the performance of all maintenance and repairs supported by other members of Public Works staff when appropriate.
    • Stock parts, materials, and supplies required to perform maintenance and repairs.
    • Provide a maintenance facility with equipment and tools appropriate for these activities
    • Maintain and stock a bulk fuel facility located at the Public Works facility that is accessible to the entire Town of Orono fleet, RSU #26, Orono-Veazie Water District, and the Veazie Fire Department.
    • Develop specifications and bid forms for the execution of the Capital Equipment Investment Plan for Public Works. Manage this bid process and make recommendations to the Town Council for purchases.


  • Environmental Services:
    • Staff a full time Environmental Services Coordinator charged with developing and executing environmental policies and procedures to meet and exceed State and Federally mandated environmental requirements and as directed by Town leadership.
    • Develop education and outreach initiatives to effectively communicate environmental issues to the Community
    • Facilitate Climate Change Action Planning
    • Pursue grant funding opportunities to support environmental operations and to advance the Town’s articulated goals for climate change and environmental compliance. 
    • Manage DEP compliance as outlined in our MS4 stormwater discharge permit
    • Operate the Town Construction Demolition and Debris Landfill as outlined in the Operations and Maintenance manual as approved by the DEP.
    • Trash & Recycling: Manage the weekly curbside pickup of trash and the bi weekly curbside pickup of recyclable materials.
    • Work with the Tree Board in compliance with the vegetation ordinance and support plans and initiates consistent with the Tree Board mission.


  • Cemetery Operations: Perform internments, aid with record keeping, maintain the grounds, and carry out other tasks as associated with perpetual care of the cemetery in a respectful manner. 


Personnel (13.5 FTE)

  • Director
  • Foreman
  • Environmental Services Coordinator
  • Mechanic
  • 2 Public Works Level III (crew leads) Employees 
  • 6 Public Works Level II Employees
  • 1 Public Works Level I Employee
  • 1 Shared Laborer with WPCF (Provides support for winter maintenance October through March)

Equipment and Fleet Vehicles

  • 4 ten-wheel heavy duty dump trucks w/ spreader bodies, plows, and wings
  • 3 Medium duty trucks with dump bodies, sanders, and plows
  • 3 Heavy duty pickup trucks
  • 2 Three yard capacity front end loaders
  • Case 580 Loader / Backhoe
  • S205 Bobcat skid steer
  • 2 Wacker-Neuson mini-front end loaders
  • Holder C992 municipal tractor (sidewalk machine)
  • Reed material screen
  • One-Ton Roller, sidewalk paver, and curb machine
  • Four equipment and utility trailers
  • 4 compact and subcompact mowing and utility tractors
  • 3 Zero Turn Mowers



  • 135 Kelley Road: 17,000 square foot fleet maintenance facility and staffing offices
  • 135 Kelley Road: 4,000 cubic yard capacity sand and salt building.
  • 135 Kelley Road: 3,000 gallon capacity bulk fuel facility.
  • Riverside Cemetery: 500 square foot maintenance shed
  • Putnam Road CDD Landfill and 50 square foot attendant’s shed