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Fire Department - FY 24

Assumed Outcomes:

  • To provide effective emergency response to citizens;
  • To be highly responsive to community needs and safety;
  • To effectively prevent fire and EMS emergencies; 
  • To decrease town liability.


  • 24 hr/day emergency response with a minimum of 5-person staffing - Local 
  • Support for UMaine with EMS, fire, code, planning, and other safety initiatives - Local 
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance - Federal
  • Maine Emergency Medical Services licensing requirements - State 
  • 2 Paramedics per shift in accordance with CBA language - Local
  • One officer on Shift to maintain a minimal level of supervision - Local 
  • Bureau of Labor Standards structural fire attack requirements (2 in/2 out) - State/Federal 
  • Special rescue training and recertification - State/Federal
  • Serving as the regional Haz-Mat for Penobscot County - Local/County
  • Compliant with Maine Emergency Management regulations for maintaining the hazardous materials team - State/Local 
  • Compliant with the Maine Bureau of Labor Standards Occupational Safety regulations
  • Minimum staffing and apparatus levels per mutual aid agreements - Local 
  • Active professional development & annual mandated training to maintain required certifications - Local/State/Federal 
  • Determining the cause and origin of fires - State
  • Being fiscally responsible for the financial resources allocated for fire department operations - Local 

Current Methods:

  • 24 hr/day Emergency Response
  • Full-time Life Safety Inspector
  • Shift Officer and Life Safety Inspector serving as fire investigators
  • Fire Prevention Programs in Elementary, Middle, & High Schools - On hold due to COVID
  • Chimney and Wood Stove Inspections
  • Local Burn Permit Processing/Authorization
  • Strong Mutual Aid Relationships
  • Primary Response and Advanced Life Support to UMaine
  • Contracted Full-Time EMS Service to Town of Veazie
  • Regional Hazmat Team for Penobscot County
  • Confined Space Rescue and Event Safety Pre Planning for UMaine
  • Active Professional Development & Annual Mandated Training
  • Participation in Local, Regional, & Statewide Boards and Committees
  • Coordination of Town's Emergency Response Plan
  • Coordination of the Towns Emergency Management responsibilities


Current Resources:


Personnel:  25 FTE


  • Director of Public Safety (1)
  • Deputy Fire Chief (1)
  • Life Safety Inspector (1)
  • Captains (4)
  • Lieutenants (4)
  • Firefighters/EMTs (16)