Stop Aquatic Invasive Species

Stop aquatic hitchhikers

Aquatic invasive species are plants, animals, and microbes that have been introduced into new ecosystems and have environmental, recreational, economic or health impacts. These invasives compete with native species and can damage ecosytem health leading in fish die offs, decreased property values, and degraded water quality. Anglers and boaters may unknowingly introduce invasive species into new waters, including Pushaw Lake at the Goulds Landing boat launch. If people are the cause, they can also be the cure. Take these simple steps to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. 

Arrive Clean. Leave Clean. 

Many boaters and anglers take their boats onto many different lakes throughout the season. Please be sure to inspect, clean, and dry your boat and equipment (waders, decoys, traps, etc.) thoroughly before leaving and entering any body of water.

Before entering or leaving a waterbody, you must: 

✓  INSPECT boats, trailers, equipment and anchors 

 REMOVE plants, animals and mud 

DRAIN livewells, bilges, and coolers with your catch (Do not dump unused bait into water!)

✓ NEVER MOVE live fish or water 

✓ DRY everything for at least 5 days before entering new water

Inspect and clean your boat in multiple locations

Know How To Identify Common Invasives

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has great resources to learn how to identify invasive aquatic species in Maine and where impacted lakes are located.

Pictures showing the many kinds of invasive aquatic plant species in Maine
  1. Megan Hess

    Environmental Services Coordinator