Program Descriptions

The Orono Fire Department offers eight (8) distinct programs of services. Brief descriptions of each program are below.


Proactive efforts toward preventing fire-based emergencies and reducing the damage caused by them. A primary goal of this program is to assist people with gaining compliance with the code in a non-punitive manner (when appropriate) and helping to find reasonable equivalences when challenges with compliance arise. This program includes inspection, plan review, and pre-planning. 

 Fire and Life Safety Education 

The delivery of education aimed at reducing the risks associated with fire and other forms of harm that people may encounter. Programs are geared toward all ages and cover various topics such as fall prevention, fire safety, and identifying risks. This program also assists with the placement of smoke alarms and related activities. 

 Fire Investigation 

State law requires that fire departments conduct cause and origin investigations on all fires. While this is a small part of what we do, the data collected from the investigation process can have significant impacts. Results of proper investigations include the prosecution of intentional fire setters and the recall of products, to name a few. 

 Emergency Management

Emergency management is charged with creating the framework which enables us to reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. This program includes pre-planning, public health, and compliance with federal mandates.

 Fire Suppression

Respond to emergencies involving fire or the potential for a fire to occur. Service calls for downed powerlines, trees, or other emergencies not covered by the other programs also fall into this category. 

Emergency Medical Services

Delivery of ambulance services, list assists, and welfare checks. 

Technical Rescue 

Operations involving rescue or recovery of people, animals, or property in places that are extremely dangerous or difficult to access. Examples include but are not limited to culverts, pipes, catch basins, swift water, ice, and elevations requiring a rope.   

Hazardous Materials Mitigation 

Program intended to manage the accidental or intentional release of a substance that has the potential to cause harm to the public, property, or the environment. The Orono Haz-Mat team holds the highest certification possible and is the only team within sixty-five miles.