Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging


Together, the people who choose to live, work, learn, and play in Orono form a community and should expect nothing short of an accepting environment where they need not fear harassment of any kind. The diversity of our residents, students, and visitors brings a rich vibrancy to our Town. Acts of hate, bullying, and discrimination are wholly unacceptable and represent an open attack on the inclusive values that are the cornerstone of our community. Everyone living here should feel safe and comfortable living their lives openly without fear -  regardless of the color of their skin, the religion they practice, their gender or gender expression, their sexual orientation, the nation from which they hail, their disability, and/r their socioeconomic status.

 A bigoted attack on an individual, family, or group in our communities is an attack on all of us. The Town of Orono does not tolerate hate or threats aimed at our people, particularly those threats that are based upon some of the very attributes that define the character of Orono. 

Town government and residents continue to work together to build environments where hate and bias do not live. We are proud to partner together with sincere ongoing effort to foster and sustain a welcoming, inclusive, and validating space for all students, staff, residents, and visitors. It is our pledge to work together and independently to achieve our shared diversity and inclusion goals. Links to the Town Council's activity, a glossary of diversity, equity, and inclusion terms, the Indigenous Land Acknowledgment, and holidays observed by the Town of Orono can be found on the left menu.

Public Safety Partnership

Community members and visitors to Orono are served by highly trained and professional law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical responders who champion diversity, welcome individual perspectives and backgrounds, and treat all individuals with respect and dignity. The Orono Police Department and Orono Fire Department work individually and in partnership to train personnel, enact policies and protocol, and implement strong supervisory accountability to build confidence in their departments and foster inclusive and respectful service delivery. To learn more about the departments and their commitment to providing high quality, professional, and inclusive services click below:

Orono Fire Department

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Orono Police Department

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