Report A Concern

We understand that sometimes you need to report a neighborhood concern to the Town. This is not for emergency response! If a situation needs to be addressed immediately, please call 207-866-4000 to speak to Police Dispatch. You are not required to leave your contact information, however, if you'd like to be informed of the result of the Town's investigation, please leave your name and phone or email address.

Please use this form or call us at 207-889-6907 if you have any of the following concerns you'd like to see addressed:

  • Trash

    • A property that leaves trash cans on the curb after collection day.
    • A property that appears to be allowing trash to accumulate on the grounds or illegally dumping/burying/burning trash.
    • A property that appears to have trash overflowing trash bins 
  • Unrelated People

    • A property that appears to have more people living in a unit than the unit is zoned for (3 unrelated people/unit allowed in the MDR, F&A, LDR districts, 5 unrelated people/unit allowed in HDR, Village Commercial, C-2 districts). Zoning distracts can be found on our GIS mapping website.
  • Parking

    • A property that has cars parking on the front yard or more than two deep in the driveway.
    • A property whose designated parking area and/or driveway is in significant disrepair.
  • Noise

    • A property that is generally noisy and disruptive to the neighborhood.
      • If there is an active event that you would like to be evaluated (i.e. party, loud music, loud machinery, etc.) please call 866-4000 to speak to Police Dispatch.
  • Pests

    • A property that is providing refuge to pests that may be harmful (rats, mice, bats, etc.).