Revaluation Information

2021 Revaluation Project

The purpose of this project was to establish an equitable Market Value for all residential, commercial, and industrial real estate as of April 1, 2021. Click here to view the value of your property. A few items of note:

  • Personal Exemptions (Blind, Veterans, Homestead, etc) are NOT reflected and WILL be applied later.
  • Classified Farm and Forestland values ARE reflected in the assessment amount.
  • A new tax (mil) rate will be established by the Town in August 2021 for FY22. Multiplying your new assessment by the FY21 tax (mil) rate will result in an overestimation of FY22 taxes.

What if you disagree with your new assessment?

A formal request for an adjustment in your valuation, called an abatement request, may be filed at any time within 185 days of the date the Assessor’s final valuations are completed (this is called commitment). The exact date of commitment is not yet known but is usually in August or September; it will be posted on the Assessor’s web page as soon as possible. During most years, this means property owners have until the first few days of March to request an abatement of their property values. It is important to know that, with few exceptions, no adjustments can be made in a property’s valuation after the 185-day window has expired. The results of a formal abatement request can be appealed to the local Board of Assessment Review. You are encouraged to discuss your concerns with the Town Assessor before filing a formal abatement application, as most concerns can be resolved through your discussion with the Assessor.