2021 Municipal Election Candidate Bios

Town Council: 3-year Term (3 seats open)

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  1. Ashley Case
  2. Daniel LaPointe
  3. Alyce Lew
  4. Laura Mitchell
  5. Cheryl Robertson
  6. Geoffrey Wingard
  7. Khawla Abu-Sheikh Wise

caseMy name is Ashley Case, and I am the mother of a wonderful Asa Adams fourth grader, wife to a University of Maine professor, and new homeowner of a much-less-than-new home. I recently went back to school to pursue a graduate degree in environmental policy and will finish in May. Our family loves skiing, hiking, paddling, and enjoying all the beauty our hometown and state has to offer. I grew up in Milo, Maine and left for college in Vermont. While I was away, I traveled the world and studied law and policy as a minor for my English degree.  But Maine has always been my home, and I came back after college and started a family. 

Since moving to town, I’ve become a member of the Orono Dems, volunteered at several caucuses, and have served as the committee Secretary for the last two terms. Throughout this time I’ve had the privilege to learn from the organization and those involved in it. I am running for Town Council because I want to serve our community, especially during this time of evolution. I believe that practical regulation and development will help Orono keep its place as one of the most attractive communities in Maine, even in this complicated and changing world. I will bring my education, experience, and deep love of this community and state to the Town Council.

Town Council: 2-year Term (1 seat open)

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  1. Thomas Perry
  2. Anastasia Stanek

Thomas Perry

I have lived in Orono for over 50 years – first as a University student, then as an employee of the Orono School Department for 33 years and now as a retiree.  My wife Connie and I raised our two children here and they greatly benefited from the education they received and the resources the community offered. Orono has been a wonderful place to live and I look forward to giving back to the community through continued service on the Town Council. 

I have served five terms on the Council and during that time I have chaired the Council’s Finance and Operations Committee and since December I have also served as Council Chair. In addition, for the last eight years I have represented our senatorial district as a member of the Maine Municipal Association’s Legislative Policy Committee that establishes a position on each piece of proposed legislation which affects Maine towns and cities. 

Prior to serving on the council I served on the Orono Planning Board, the Orono Library Foundation and several other community committees. 

I decided to seek another term on the Council in order to continue my involvement in the important work ahead of us.  This work includes continuing to implement  the recommendations found in Orono’s Comprehensive Plan, working to develop budgets that balance the needs of the community with the town’s finite resources, maintaining the high quality services that Orono residents enjoy, advocating at the state level for legislation that benefits municipalities and working to make Orono an even more attractive and welcoming community for all residents and visitors. I look forward to this important work and believe that I can make a positive contribution to the Council’s work.

RSU No. 26 School Board: 3-year term (2 seats open) 

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  1. Mark Brewer
  2. Brian McGill

candidate mark brewerMy name is Mark Brewer and I am seeking reelection to the RSU 26 (Orono) School Board of Directors.  I live in Orono with my wife Tammy and four children, all of whom attend Orono schools.  I am a Professor of Political Science at the University of Maine, where I have worked since 2004.  In addition to my experience on the School Board, I volunteer extensively in the Orono community. 

I believe schools are central to any community.  They are where we educate our children, where we watch them learn and grow, and where we often come together as a community.  Ensuring that our schools are strong and healthy is of the utmost importance, and this is why I want to continue to serve on the RSU 26 (Orono) School Board of Directors.  The primary role of an Orono School Board member is to work tirelessly to ensure the best education possible for all of the students enrolled in Orono schools while at the same time being a responsible and prudent steward of the schools' resources, provided by the residents of Orono.  Ultimately I would like Orono schools to be the best in the greater Bangor area, and eventually the best in Maine.  We owe nothing less than this to the students who pass and will pass through Orono's school doors.  As a member of the Orono community and a parent of Orono school children I pledge to work continuously to improve our schools.

RSU No. 26 School Board: 1-year term (1 seat open)

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  1. Leo Kenney
  2. Patrick Rowe

kenneyLeo Kenney

I am running for re-election for the RSU 26 school board because I am an advocate for each and every child within this community. As an Orono school system alumnus, a youth sports coach, and a parent to 3 Orono students, I bring a unique perspective and knowledge to represent the wonderful families of this district. 

My experience as a small business owner for the past 24 years, as well as my combined 7 years as an RSU 26 School Board and School Consolidation member, will be of tremendous value as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times. 

Having worked with four superintendents I bring a very comprehensive understanding of what is needed to work with the administrators to set policies in our school system so that we continue to provide the high standard of education that RSU 26 is known for. Since moving back to Orono with my family in 2004, all 3 of our children have attended Orono schools for their entire K-12 experience. Having firsthand knowledge of each of the three schools has been extremely helpful while serving on the school board. 

I also understand that many challenges lie ahead of us. While physical safety for students and staff remains a high priority, the data continues to grow on the mental health epidemic resulting from the pandemic. Our students have been greatly impacted over the last 11 months and it is imperative that we also continue identifying ways to support them. 

We are also being faced with uncertainty when it comes to school funding for our district. State funding and school budgeting has been an area of focus in my tenure as a school board member. I served on the Finance Committee representing Orono’s interests during the formation of RSU 26 working with Glenburn and Veazie representatives. I also served on the finance committee after the formation of the RSU. 

In our current climate, I believe “experience matters”. I would appreciate your vote on March 9th.