Town Council Statement

June 9, 2020

The Orono Town Council condemns police brutality and the systemic racism that disproportionately affects black people in our country.

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police officers has once again highlighted the systemic racism and inequities brought to bear against black people in our country. We offer our condolences to his grieving family and friends, and to those who are feeling pain and powerlessness at yet another senseless death. We, as citizens, should also offer our apology. We should not stand by and allow police brutality and acts of racism to continue in our nation’s police departments.  We need to work to achieve justice and equality for all.  We need to restore trust between the public and the police.

As Councilors, we understand that being a Police Officer is an incredibly difficult job.  We ask our police to make split-second decisions between securing the safety of the public and protecting the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Those who do it well deserve our greatest admiration and respect.  But those who do not, those officers who violate their duty to protect and serve, tear at the very fabric of the rule of law which protects all of our liberties. 

The Town of Orono is a community of individuals who represent diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. Council values this diversity and has historically taken steps to enact ordinances and set policies ensuring equal protections for all. We are committed to continuing that work. 

We stand with those who seek justice and equality for all. 

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Contact Information:

Cynthia Mehnert, Chair

Orono Town Council