Curbside Locker Service

  1. Request item(s):
    • Search our online catalog. Switch to "ALL MINERVA LOCATIONS" in the drop down menu for interlibrary loan requests. 

    • If you're not sure what you'd like, or just need a stack of picture books or mysteries or staff suggestions, you can take advantage of our personal assistant service and fill out our Materials Requests Form. We also have a list of Staff Recommendations if you'd rather check out what our librarians have been enjoying!

    • Select the Request button in the results

    • You will be prompted for your name and OPL card number.
      If you need your card number, call the library at 207-866-5060, or email us at

  2. Wait for notification 

    • You will receive an email notification or phone call when your items are ready. Once you have received notification, you can schedule a time for pick up.  You may receive more than one notification, depending on how many items are ready for pickup. You need only schedule one slot, as we will gather together all your items that are ready in time for your appointment.

  3. Schedule a pickup via our Acuity calendar

    • When you receive an email from us that your item is ready, please click on this link to select a time to pick up your items: After Hours Locker Appointment Scheduler.

    • If your notification does not include the scheduling link, please refer to the beginning of step 3! 

    • Please schedule a pickup using the card holder’s name, so staff can locate the requested items.  

    • You will receive an Acuity confirmation email regarding your appointment.

    • Before your appointment, you will receive an email with the Locker number that will hold your items and the PIN (last 4 digits of your library card number) to open the lock.  

  4. Pick up (After Hours Curbside Locker)

    • Arrive during anytime between 5pm and 10am on your scheduled overnight. 

    • Each locker has a lock. Your item is in the locker noted in the email you received from us. Open the lock by entering the last 4 digits of your library card number and pushing the “unlock” button. If you make a mistake, use the “back arrow” button. igloo lock instruction

    • Grab your order, close the locker, replace the lock, and lock it.

    • Your bag of newly-checked-out items will contain a slip listing all items borrowed and their due dates. 

    • Bring home your items and enjoy!

  5. Return items

    • Please return your books to our book drop next to the front door of the library.