Fire & Injury Prevention

The Orono Fire Department is committed to making our community safe. Preventing fires, illness, and injuries is one of the most important ways in which we do that. The fire department uses a comprehensive system which includes education and code enforcement to reduce community risk. A full-time fire marshal works to inspect businesses and homes throughout the community and ensure that they meet safety standards. This can include simple inspections of chimneys or complex evaluations of fire suppression systems. All businesses and multifamily housing projects are inspected regularly. In addition, large gatherings are checked to make sure that everyone in attendance will be safe and enjoy their event. Whenever a community member has questions about fire codes, the fire marshal is available to help.

Firefighters teach fire and injury prevention monthly at Asa Adams School. Using established curriculums, each lesson focuses on different learning objectives. Lessons vary based on student age and include topics such as how to call 911, practicing escape routes from your house, wearing bicycle helmets, and learning stop, drop, and roll. Education doesn't stop there either. Classes are held throughout the community on CPR and fire prevention for senior citizens. Classes on how to use a fire extinguisher are available to businesses and groups. Blood pressure clinics are held twice a month at senior citizen housing to identify individuals with high blood pressure before they need an ambulance. Multiple classes are held to teach college students about fire risk factors and how to prevent them.

Our mission is to reduce community risk and make Orono a safe place to live, work, or visit. We recognize that quality of life is important and work to improve that daily. If we can help you be safer, please feel free to contact us.