Burn Permits

This online service allows people to purchase an Open Burning Permit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You must be the property owner to obtain a permit unless you have written permission from the owner.

Burn permits related to the University of Maine properties, programs, including Fraternities and Sororities please visit Center of Student Involvement at https://umaine.edu/studentinvolvement/. 207-581-8325

Please click here to obtain a burn permit from the State of Maine.

Please Note:

You do not need a permit if your warming/cooking fire is in a contained pit/fire ring that is no larger than 36" in diameter and you are only burning wood.

A Wildfire Danger Report can be found by clicking here.

Burn Permit FAQs

Q. Do I need to have a permit to burn in my back yard?

A. Yes – Town of Orono ordinances state that “No person shall kindle, maintain or assist in maintaining

any bonfire, exposed fire, warming fire, cooking fire (exempted are cooking fires in a department

approved fireplace or commercial barbecue unit) or burn debris on or in any public street, alley, road or

other public ground without first obtaining a written permit from the chief fire official or an authorized

representative”. In other words, unless the fire is in a grill, hibachi, or similar appliance you need a

permit or inspection.

Q. Where can I get a permit?

A. We prefer that permits are obtained through the Maine Open Burn Permit portal located at


Q. How much does a permit cost?

A. There is no charge for a burn permit.

Q. Can I get a seasonal or extended burn permit?

A. Yes – You will need to call 207-866-4000 and speak with the life safety inspector to obtain more

information on how this process works.

Q. Can I burn household waste

A. No – Paper and cardboard may be burned as kindling and only in amounts necessary to ensure

ignition of a fire.

Q. Can I burn building debris?

A. Yes – With restrictions.

Burning on site for the disposal of wood wastes and painted and unpainted wood from construction and

demolition debris generated from the clearing of any land or by the erection, modification,

maintenance, demolition or construction of any highway, railroad, power line, communication line,

pipeline, building or development is permitted. Material must be entirely made of wood and free from

metal, plastics, coatings and chemical treatments.

Prohibited debris – Pressure treated lumber, shingles, PVC piping, rubber, carpet, wiring, house wrap,

furniture, appliances, and others. This list is an example and not all inclusive.

Painted wood can only be burned after it has received a negative lead test. A permit will only be issued

for painted wood with a confirmed negative lead test.

The Life Safety Inspector will evaluate all demolition burns and issue a permit in person. Call 207-866-4000

for more information.