Council Committees

While the Town Council takes all formal action in regular and special Town Council meetings, it also has various subcommittees to discuss issues and develop proposed policy before it is taken to a Town Council meeting for formal action.  

All Town Councilors are welcome to attend and fully participate in all Council committee meetings, though they are only required to attend their assigned committees. All Council Committee meetings are noticed on the Town’s website along with an agenda and the public are welcome to attend. Attendance is available over Zoom (with the Zoom address noted in the agenda) and the Town's Facebook page. Public comment during committee meetings is allowed at the discretion of the Council chairing (presiding over) the committee. 

Currently, the Town Council is using an “All Committees Meeting” format for the Community Development, Finance & Operations, and Comprehensive Plan Implementation committees. This means that the committee meetings are called as needed with one or all generally meeting on the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Mondays of each month.  

The Town Council’s Environment Committee generally meets the 4th Wednesday of each month. Agendas for these meetings are posted in the Agenda Center on the Town’s website on four to five calendar days before the scheduled meeting.  Each quarter, the Town Council adopts a meeting schedule for the coming quarter which is also posted on the Town Council webpage.

Finance and Operations Committee

Committee Chair: Leo Kenney

The Finance and Operations Committee is concerned with a wide range of Town business, including but not limited to the day-to-day functioning of Town departments such as the Police, Fire, Public Works, Library and Parks and Recreation departments, in addition to personnel decisions and the budget process.

Community Development Committee

Committee Chair: Dan Demeritt

The Community Development Committee focuses on the development of the Town as both an economic engine and a wonderful place to live and work. To that end, the Committee is charged with the development of a wide range of ordinances, as well as the development of plans and orders related to Town economic development and beautification.

Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee

Committee Chair: VACANT

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee is tasked with considering matters related to the Town's Comprehensive Plan, adopted every 10 years, which outlines information, ideas, and goals about land use in the Town. The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee's  primary focus is making sure that land use in the Town, including but not limited to  Therefore, many ordinances and orders relating to land use seek approval in the comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee. 

Environment Subcommittee

Committee Chair: Sonja Birthisel

A committee of the Town Council focused on the Environment and matters that impact the environment with an initial charge to develop a draft comprehensive plan for Council consideration that would provide guidance for policy and operational decision-makers related to decreasing Orono’s environmental footprint and increasing its ability to withstand the impacts of climate change. Residents interested in participating in a staff-led Environment Advisory Group may email Nancy Ward at or call 207-866-2556.