​Orono offers a highly educated workforce and access to a valuable stream of "knowledge workers" graduating from the University of Maine and other area universities and colleges. More than 54% of adults living in Orono have at least 4-year college degrees. Students who are on their way to degrees provide a valuable base of employment for many types of businesses.

Orono is a service center within the Bangor Metropolitan Area - a designation that means the community is a hub for jobs, business and other services, and housing choices. Orono hosts about 1.5 jobs for every resident worker - meaning it draws from the Larger Bangor Metro Area as well as from the Town itself to fill local jobs.
Occupational Profile
More than a third of the labor force living in Orono is in professional occupations, including nearly a fifth in education - reflecting the presence of the University of Maine. Another quarter is in service occupations, 13% in administrative support, 11% in sales, and 10% in production, transportation, and construction trades.
Orono Workforce Chart
The Big Gig is a partnership between the towns of Orono & Old Town, The University of Maine & Husson University, and Blackstone Accelerates Growth. Its goal is to create a network of people who are looking to make positive change and bring economic impact to our communities. No Business or enterprise is too large or too small to get involved!
​Job Profile
The jobs in Orono are heaavily concentrated in education and health care, which account for 63% of the total, but employment crosses many industrial sectors.

Orono Total Jobs Chart
Recruiting Employees
A number of recruitment resource are available in Orono, the Bangor region, and Maine. Information is available at these sites; Maine Department of Labor Job Bank, Tri-County Career Center, Bangor.