Street & Stream Cleanup: May 20, 2023

The Town would like to thank everyone for their time, energy, and support cleaning up Orono on May 20th, 2023 for the annual Street and Stream Clean Up event! 

In 2023, we had 57 people sign up to participate in the clean up and had routes to pick up litter on nearly half of the roads within Orono's urbanized area. Volunteers collected enough trash to fill a dumpster! That is a lot of trash that has been recovered from littering our roads and waterways. We also had a nice turn out for the public cookout at the Village Green to celebrate the clean up with everyone. 

We would also like to thank the Orono students from K-12 grade who participated in the Street and Stream Clean Up poster competition to get the word out about the event. We love to see the creativity and talent of the students. Thank you everyone for your participation and help for a successful 2023 Street and Stream Clean Up! 

Please enjoy the picture slideshow below of volunteers who participated and view the 2023 Street and Stream Poster Competition Winners here!

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Join us for Orono's Street and Stream Clean up in 2024... More details next spring!

This will be a 'virtual' event with a short informational talk about safety and why we clean up our streets on May 20th, 2023 at 9:00 AM via Zoom (link to be emailed after registration). Then, volunteers will be able to leave from their homes and pick up litter wherever they choose. Volunteers may leave full trash bags along their registered routes and Public Works employees will pick it up on May 20th. We will celebrate a successful cleanup by providing a public cookout at the Public Library Village Green at 11:30AM. Come join us for lunch! The street and stream clean up is something we can do to make Orono even more beautiful this time of year, so come out and enjoy the outdoors.


You may volunteer individually or as a team. Volunteers have from now until May 19th to register! 

Registering will also get you a clean-up kit that includes gloves, trash bags, and 5 gallon buckets for your team.


After you’ve finished, show off your hard work by emailing us photos of your cleaned-up area!

A person picking up litter in the grass.


Alternatively, you can choose whatever day you want to pick up litter if you cannot make the event date. Although, we recommend doing your clean-up on the event day when Public Works will be available to pick up collected trash by the road side. If you choose to do your clean-up on a different day, please still register so we can get you supplies, but just put your collected trash with your regular curbside trash pickup. 


Be careful about the trash you pick up! If it’s too heavy, or if it is potentially contaminated (needle, soda bottle, etc), be safe! Mark the location for Public Works or Public Safety and call in the location at 207-889-6101. 

  1. Megan Hess

    Environmental Services Coordinator