The Great Outdoors!

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Orono Land Trust - The Orono Land Trust exists to protect, manage, and preserve portions of the natural environment in Orono and surrounding communities, for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. We work to balance conservation and development, extend and maintain trail systems connecting natural areas, encourage appreciation of natural habitats and ensure perpetual access to public lands and waters.

Orono Boardwalk - The Orono Bog Boardwalk is a premier destination in the Bangor/Orono area for persons wishing to experience the beauty and fascinating plants and animals of a Maine bog. The 1-mile boardwalk loop trail begins at the forested wetland edge in the Bangor City Forest, and after 800 feet crosses the Orono town line into the portion of the Orono Bog owned by the University of Maine. Along the way the boardwalk passes through a wide range of changing vegetation and environments on its way to the open, peat moss carpeted center of the Orono Bog.

Hirundo Wildlife Refuge - is a 2,400 acre nature preserve, spanning Pushaw and Dead Streams, Lac d’Or (lake), vast wetlands. Everyone is welcome to Visit Hirundo Wildlife Refuge free 7 days a week dawn to dusk.