Parking Tickets

You can pay a parking ticket in person, online or by mail. Accepted forms of payment are cash, check and credit/debit cards. However, please DO NOT send cash through the mail. 

Any ticket issued after January 1, 2017 may be paid online. Here. Please note: It may take up to 2 business days for your ticket to appear in this online system. If you are unable to find a ticket please check again later. 

Parking tickets are placed on the vehicle that is in violation. If a ticket is not paid within thirty (30) days the ticket will double. A letter will be mailed to the registered owner at this time. If the ticket is still not paid a second notice will be mailed. If the the ticket is outstanding after 90 days the ticket will be sent to a collection agency. 

The Town of Orono Ordinances are below. For more information please click on the link below which will take you to the full ordinance. 

Sec. 34-10. - Same—Parking violations.

Sec. 34-86. - Owner's liability

Sec. 34-87. - Prohibited in specified places. 

Sec. 34-89. - Standing or parking close to curb.

Sec. 34-94. - Special night parking regulations

Sec. 34-95. - Prohibited parking

Sec. 34-96 - Limited parking

Sec. 34-97 - Off-street permit parking

Sec. 34-98 - Parking in public and municipal parking areas; vehicles not to interfere with street cleaning or snow removal.

Sec. 34-99 - Impoundment of motor vehicles for failure to pay parking tickets

Sec. 34-100 - Applicability

Sec. 34-101 - Designation of temporary parking