Planning Board Items Under Consideration

Development Applications

The Planning Board is responsible for reviewing applications for projects that require either Site Plan or Subdivision Review. The Board reviews these applications and makes findings based on the standards of the Land Use Ordinance. Applications for Site Plan or Subdivision Review generally require public hearings to be held during which the Planning Board hears and takes into consideration any public comments made. However, any final approval or denial decision made by the Planning Board is based on whether or not the application being reviewed by the Board meets the standards and review criteria stated in the Land Use Ordinance.

In general, if a project reviewed by the Planning Board meets all of the relevant standards and requirements set in the Town Ordinance, it will be approved. Members of the public who have comments or concerns over any part of an application are encouraged to review the standards and requirements of the Town Ordinance to see if their concern is addressed. If there are remaining topics or concerns not addressed in the Town Ordinance, then members of the public are encouraged to comment at the public hearing so that the Planning Board may consider it and determine if it is relevant to the project review.

In addition to reviewing the applications mentioned above, the Planning Board also reviews all proposed amendments to the Land Use Ordinance. While the Town Council makes the final decision on whether an Ordinance amendment is adopted, the Planning Board reviews Land Use Ordinance changes based on whether the amendment meets the goals and intent of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Land Use Ordinance Amendments

The Town will be considering a number of amendments to the Land Use Ordinance to implement the updated Comprehensive Plan. Individual amendments will be presented and considered by the Town Council in stages over a number of months.  They will be posted here as they come forward for public comment.