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Favorite Place in Orono photo contest

The Town of Orono is holding a photo contest in celebration of Orono's 215th birthday. 

Please fill out this form to upload a photo of your favorite place in Orono.

These pictures will be used in a slideshow that will be displayed publicly for our birthday celebration!

2018 Summer Parklet Challenge
What is a Parklet?

A parklet is a sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street. Usually parklets are installed on parking lanes and use several parking spaces. Parklets typically extend out from the sidewalk at the level of the sidewalk to the width of the adjacent parking space. In short, a parklet is a small portable public park that is laid out within a parking space.

Why a Parklet?

Downtown Orono is home to many high-quality businesses that attract visitors for a unique experience. A parklet creates a gathering place for friends, families and visitors. It allows folks to enjoy a sunny day while sampling lunch from a variety of businesses. Or a rest stop for a warm evening stroll around downtown. And a parklet is a temporary structure that can be removed to re-establish the parking space. It is a unique way for communities to “test the waters” for a park without having any long-term impact.

So, we are excited to hear ALL the opinions and feedback of visitors to the downtown parklet. Please join us for the Parklet Challenge! Come visit downtown Orono this summer and take your picture at the parklet and post it to the Town of Orono’s Facebook page. On your post you can then challenge a friend, family member, business or others, to come post their picture.  Join us for the fun!

our parklet

Winner of the 3rd Annual Window Box Container Contest

The Orono Beautification Committee (OBC) is announcing the winners of its Third Annual Window Box and Container Contest.  For the first time, we have two winners!  Dragon Echo and The Store/Ampersand both situated on Mill Street in Orono have been presented the 2017 Garden Trowel Award.  Both businesses have window boxes and containers of colorful annuals making the entry to their business exceptionally welcoming.

The Store/Ampersand and Dragon Echo will each display the plaque in their businesses for 6 months.  The award is a perpetual plaque with a mounted trowel that will move on to the next year’s Window Box and Container Contest winner.  It’s a symbol that lets everyone know that The Store/Ampersand and Dragon Echo each “Made Orono Beautiful”. Congratulations.

The Orono Beautification Committee is a group of Orono volunteers who coordinate, advise and assist in the planting, maintenance and protection of annuals and perennials.  The volunteers are dedicated to keeping Orono a green, beautiful town.

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