Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of Orono residents appointed by the Town Council. The six regular members of the board are appointed for three-year terms and the youth member is appointed for one year. Two associate members are appointed for two-year terms and the youth associate is appointed for one year. Apply to be a member of the Orono Public Library Board of Trustees. 
Meetings usually take place once a month (except for summer months) and are open to all Orono residents. Meeting dates are posted to the Library website calendar or can be obtained from the library staff (866-5060).
Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees
The Trustees will:
  • Aid the librarians in promoting the efficiency of the library in its service to the community.
  • Maintain a permanent record of all memorial gifts to the library.
  • Manage the Endowment Fund so that-except where otherwise stipulated by a donor-interest from the Endowment Fund is used to purchase books and equipment, support current programs, and maintain the Endowment Fund.
  • Support the professionalism of the library operations and staff by seeking to maintain the State Minimum Standards for Public Library Service in Maine as adopted by the Maine Library Association and upholding the Library Bill of Rights.
Board members work with the Library Director and staff on issues relevant to the Library, reflect the views of the community on those issues, manage more than $100,000 in donations given to the Library, and provide advice on the Library's operation, budget, and policies.
 Associate Members
  • vacant -  Associate Member (2020)
  • vacant - Associate Member (2021)
  • Celia Buetens-  Associate Youth (2021)
Ex Officio Members