Records Request

To obtain a record please read through the following information.

Accident (Crash) Report

This is a report on just your vehicle accident/crash. There are two different reports available.

1. A driver report information (This states all insurance information from everyone that was involved)

2. A full report ( this states all insurance information from everyone that was involved as well as what the officer reported as what happened.)

There are several ways to get either report: 

A.Online ( They charge $15.50 as they allow the use of a credit card. you will be able to download a PDF right then.

B. In person through the Town Office. We charge $15.00 we take cash, check or card (plus a 2.5% service fee). Please fill out this form before coming in so the Town Office will have your report. The hours are Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 5:30pm

C. Mail a check or money order to our address (63 Main Street, Orono, ME 04473). Please fill out this form before mailing a check.

Incident Report:

Fee for Incident Reports - $10.00 for the first three pages and $3.00 for every page after that.

For a complaint you may have made, or called something into the Orono Police Department
Please fill out this form if you need a copy of a report. Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible but please allow for 5 business days to process. 
*Please note that this is not for a full background check. If you need a background check, you will need to go to the Maine Criminal History Record Request
*If you have been charged with a crime and have not yet gone to court we cannot issue your report. You can get your report through discovery from the District court in Bangor (phone number is 561-2300).

If you are still unsure of which form it is that you are looking for, please fill this form out and we will assist you to make sure you get the report that you are looking for. Or call us at (207)866-4000.