Info for Students

What to Look For

  • Do not rent an apartment sight unseen.
  • Read the lease carefully before signing it.
  • How many people will be leasing the apartment? Is the number an allowable number under the Town’s ordinance? The ordinance requires no more than 3 unrelated people in a rental unit.
  • Is there sufficient parking available without parking on the front lawn or in the street or creating a problem for the neighborhood?
  • Do any of the ceilings appear to be sagging?
  • Look for exposed wiring.
  • Look for any signs of mold.
  • Are there smoke detectors available? Are they hard-wired or battery operated?
  • Are there carbon monoxide detectors in the rental unit?
  • Are there two ways out of the building in case of fire?
  • Check on whether utilities are included in your rent or whether you are liable for them.
  • Check to make sure the heating system is working and if each unit is controlled individually in a building or whether it is shared and who controls the thermostat.
  • Check to make sure the windows open and close properly and have screens on them.
  • Check on trash pickup and put your trash curbside on the appropriate day along with recycling in a proper container on the designated days.
  • Look for any holes both inside and outside that would allow animals, weather conditions and climate to get into your unit.
  • Does the apartment have a locking door and does it work properly?

Black Bear Orono Express

Tired of looking for parking and chipping ice off the car in winter? Try the Black Bear Orono Express, the shuttle between campus, Downtown Orono, and major neighborhoods in between, and running on the half-hour throughout the academic year.