About Orono

Quick Facts
  • Incorporated: March 12, 1806
  • Council/Manager Charter: 1969
  • Population: 10,362 (2010 U.S Census)
  • Census Information
  • Land Area: Approximately 20 square miles
  • Annual Reports
  • About the Name:
    • Orono is named in honor of Chief Joseph Orono (1688?-1801), a leader of the Penobscot Nation who supported the American colonists against the British during the American Revolution and died five years before the incorporation of the Town.
    • Joseph Orono's portrait is respectfully depicted on the Town Seal. This is done to honor Chief Orono. While we understand that the image may be misperceived by those unfamiliar with his story and our intention, we are confident that our seal is respectful. 

Places of Worship


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