Teen Spot

Teenagers can be strange creatures that often don't understand themselves, let alone anyone else. We've collected 5 really strange facts about teens from all around the internet.

1. Separate teens from their cellphones and they get sleepy
An Intel Science Talent Search finalist, Michelle Hackman, locked 150 of her texting-obsessed peers in an empty classroom for 45 minutes. Half of them had cellphones and half not. Instead of becoming over jittery, the cell-less teens drifted off to sleep.

2. 42% of teens can text with their eyes closed.

No, they haven't developed superpowers, teens have just become so attached to their cellphones that they admit their lives would be worse if they couldn't text. And with more than 1 billion texts being sent ever yday, it's no surprise that 42% of teens can text blindfolded. Scary stuff.

3. Teens can grow so fast, their brains can't keep up.
It's not your teens' fault if they're particularly clumsy. Why? Because most teens grow so quickly that their brains can't calculate the new rules for balancing. Poor teens. Clumsiness is often unavoidable.

4. Risk-taking teen? It's their brain's fault!
According one study, teens make risky decisions because their brains are programmed that way. An MRI scan shows that a teenager's prefrontal cortex works much harder than an adult's and that's why it's difficult for them to decide if a situation is dangerous or not.

5. Teens can have their sleep cycle fixed by a blue light.
It's weird but true. If your teen struggles to fall asleep and then can't wake up in the morning, have them sit in front of a blue light to reset their 'internal clock'!