Licensing - Food, Liquor & Special Amusement

All business licensing applications and applicable fees are due at least 30 days prior to the scheduled Town Council meeting at the Clerk's Office for proper filing of the public hearing notice.  Personal Property and Sewer Utility balances must also be paid and in good standing for consideration.

Once business licensing applications are submitted to the Clerk's Office, an inspection of the business will be scheduled.  Please click here to view the Pre-Approval Business Checklist which will be used to prepare for the public hearing and consideration.

Food Licensing

To prepare food that will be served either on-premises or off-premises, a Victualer’s License is needed from the Town. 
Victualer's License Application Form (PDF)

Liquor Licensing

To operate a restaurant and/or lounge, various licenses must be obtained from the Town of Orono and State of Maine.

Liquor Licenses are needed to serve liquor in restaurants and lounges. The applications for these licenses are available here at the State website. Another helpful form at the State website is the Required Permit List (clicking link will start a direct download).

Call the Town Clerk (207-866-2556) for further details, as the license has to be considered in a public hearing of the Town Council and has to be advertised two weeks before the hearing. Regular Council meetings are generally held on the second Monday of the month.

Other Licenses

In addition to the liquor license, if entertainment is to occur in the establishment, a Special Amusement Permit for Music, Dancing & Entertainment is needed from the Town.   There is also a series of licenses which you should review for any new businesses, linked below.
Special Amusement Permit Form (PDF)
Pinball, Video Gaming Permit (PDF)
DBA/Sole Proprietorship (PDF)
In order to obtain these licenses, inspections are made by the Code Enforcement Office, Fire Marshal and Police Department once all state inspections have been completed. Be sure to meet with Code Enforcement (207-866-5051) to ascertain if there are any code issues or restrictions.