Orono Beautification Committee

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For information on how to become involved with the Orono Beautification Committee and the work they do, contact the Orono Parks and Recreation Department by phone at (207) 889-6914 or email Parks & Recreation Manager Meghan Mazzella.

Orono Town Council Charge for Orono Beautification Committee


  • The beautification committee shall consist of up to nine members, each of whom must be residents of Orono.
  • Members shall serve three-year terms. In the event that a vacancy occurs during the term of any member, a successor will be appointed by the Town Council for the unexpired portion of the term.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Act as an advisory committee to the Orono Town Council, Town Manager, Public Works Department, Parks and Recreation Department, Orono Village Association, and the Tree Board on matters, to also include policy development, pertaining to the appearance and beautification of the town.
  • Serve as advisor for all changes that will have a visual impact on the town. Examples include new sidewalks, expanded or modified traffic islands, road and business signage, public lighting, fencing, and landscaping of public property. The committee may also review new commercial projects and offer comment regarding landscape design/plant to the Town Planning Board and the Town Council.
  • Serve as a resource and sounding board for citizens, clubs, businesses and the town by researching ideas from other towns and planning publications; by offering advice and helping to organize volunteers around issues of landscaping and gardens; by offering aesthetic advice; and when needed, by seeking public opinion about changes that impact the look of property, views and buildings. Examples: relocating or rebuilding the Civil War Statue; establishing parking lots and public hiking easements; designing plantings with similar colors and plant combinations; coordinating seasonal displays in the town's several business areas.
  • Advise on the designation and planting of landscaped median strips, islands, gateways and public areas of Orono.
  • Coordinate, advise and assist in the planting, maintenance and protection of plant material within Orono including trees, shrubs, perennials and seasonal plantings.
  • Provide comment regarding proposals for the installation of street furnishing and accessories, lights, ornamental fixtures, art and monuments, or other forms of furnishing of an aesthetic nature as to location, design and cost.
  • As requested, work with the Orono Village Association (OVA) to establish gardens and plant trees in designated OVA areas.
  • Encourage and promote community awareness of beautification eff01ts in Orono.
  • Encourage citizen-initiated activities that assist with planting and maintaining public areas of Orono.
  • Prepare an annual budget related to projects within the Beautification Committee's scope which shall cover the period from July 1 through June 30 of each year. The budget is to be submitted to the Town Manager no later than the first working day in March of each year.