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Orono Parks and Recreation is dedicated to providing an inclusive environment with programs, and facilities that are welcoming to all. We will work with individuals to make reasonable accommodations for participation in programs as well as offer scholarship opportunities for programming and activities. For more information please call 207 889 6913 or email us at mmazzella@orono.org

Youth Programs


The youth soccer program is a 6-week program designed for your child to develop the fundamentals of the sport. Each age group will have one practice and one game per week. This soccer season we will be having free clinics for every player signed up in the 2nd-5th grade groups. The clinics will be co-ed and designed to help players to get more touches on the ball and more practice time. These clinics are optional and the structure will vary to accommodate the size and age ranges of the group that week.

Flag Football

The youth flag football program is a 6-week non-contact program, designed for your child to develop the fundamentals of the sport. Each age group will have one practice and one game per week.

Field Hockey 

The youth field hockey clinic is a 6-week program designed for your child to develop the fundamentals of the sport through specific drills. There is one clinic each week and optional Saturday games in a larger group. Sticks are provided in this program no other equipment is required.


The 2nd- 5th Grade Rec Basketball Program is designed for your child to develop the fundamentals of the sport in a fun environment. Each age group will have one practice and one game each week. Games are on Saturdays and a schedule will be provided after registration ends each year. The K-1 Basketball Clinic will be introduced basic skills and knowledge of the game of basketball. Focus on coordination, motor, and interpersonal skills, along with basketball movements such as dribbling, passing, and shooting will all be emphasized during this introductory program. 

Please note, there will not be games for the K-1 group. This is clinic-based only.


The youth Frisbee program is a 6-week program designed for your child to develop the fundamentals of both Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf. Each age group will have one practice a week. This program is clinic-based and will not meet for any games 


Penobscot Nation and Orono Parks and Recreation are collaborating on a pilot program this spring 2023 to give an opportunity to kids in grades K-5 to participate in a FREE lacrosse program! This is open to all communities. This is a developmental program where kids will learn the origin, rules, and skills of the game. All equipment is provided for this program. 

Little Rookies

The "Little Rookies" are programs designed for the pre-kindergarten age group aimed at ages 3-4 years old. The Sports Sampler includes 6-weeks of sports-themed lessons with the goal of getting exposed to some new motor skills and children of a similar age. 

RAD After School

UMaine Campus Recreation and the Town of Orono are teaming up to offer RAD Afterschool.  These programs are designed for Asa Adams Students that are looking to explore many different activities and share those experiences with other students.  Your child will engage in these activities in a safe, supervised, stimulating, non-competitive environment.  

RAD Afterschool offers an assortment of activities including time for homework, a provided snack, time outside, arts and crafts, and many more. These specific opportunities we offer, are designed to develop self-esteem, leadership skills, responsibility, and teamwork.

The afterschool program will run throughout the school year. Afterschool camp will not run on half days, teacher in-service days, holidays, or days where inclement weather is in effect. If a weather cancellation were to occur we would notify participants via email. The program will be held at Asa Adams Elementary. 

RAD Summer Camp

UMaine Campus Recreation and the Town of Orono are teaming up to offer Summer RAD camps.  These camps are designed for campers looking to explore many different activities and share those experiences with other campers.  Your child will engage in their choice of activities in a safe, supervised, stimulating, non-competitive environment.  This year we will be using three different sites for our home base all located on the University of Maine Campus, and we will be venturing into the town of Orono for many activities as well as the Greater Bangor Area. RAD Camp offers an assortment of activities including swimming, rock climbing, sports, arts and crafts, canoeing, field games, library time, and many more. These specific opportunities we offer, are designed to develop self-esteem, leadership skills, responsibility, and teamwork. Our philosophy is environmentally oriented, so while at camp our directors and counselors will be promoting environmental consciousness/sustainability in all aspects of the camp; a skill that your child will take into everyday life.

RAD Swim Lessons

Progressive lessons focus on rhythmic breathing and stroke development for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Learn boundaries in, on, and around the water with safety lessons each week conducted during snack time. Children will earn certificates for each Longfellow’s Whale Tales safety topic they have completed. Children should be able to float on their back and front for at least 5 seconds prior to this class. Parents are to pick their children up at 4:45 p.m. Your child will be picked from Asa Adams and brought to the New Balance Recreation Center where there will be time for a quick snack and then hit the pool. Pick-up will be from 4:45 to 5 pm. 

RAD Rock Climbing 

This after-school rock climbing program will go over the fundamentals of rock climbing, including basic climbing techniques, knot tying, and safety. The goal of this program is to provide a safe and fun environment for students to learn the sport of rock climbing. All necessary gear will be provided. Your child will be picked from Asa Adams and brought to the Maine Bound Adventure Center where there will be time for a quick snack and then start climbing. Pick-up will be from 4:45 to 5 pm. 

Horseback Riding 

Children’s horse riding lessons have to blend fun, safety, challenge, and accomplishment for the younger riders. At Starwalk Stables their proficiency and knowledge will grow as does their confidence and love of riding! Children will learn riding skills, as well as care for their horses, and grow their appreciation of working with animals. This afterschool program includes transportation from Asa Adams Elementary to the stables right after school. 

Summer Recess 

The Town of Orono has created a "Summer Recess" program to allow Orono children the opportunity to socialize and play outside this summer. "Summer Recess" is going to be a supervised, and designated time frame where a small group can freely play. 

Building Rentals

Keith Anderson 

Located at 19 Bennoch Road, has an upstairs dance hall with a stage. The dance hall measures approximately 45'x45' excluding the stage area. Additionally, there is a kitchen upstairs; its use is included in the rental fee.

$30.00 per hour for an Orono Resident

$60.00 per hour for a non-Orono Resident

Birch Street 

Located at 10 this building has one Main Room for rent (30'x30'). There is also a kitchen; its use is included in the rental fee for the other rooms. 

$20.00 per hour for an Orono Resident

$40.00 per hour for a non-Orono Resident


Nickerson Pool

The Municipal Pool found at the intersection of Westwood Drive and Goodridge Drive will be open daily during the summer and is staffed by a crew of lifeguards. Hours of operation can change slightly from summer to summer. The Parks and Recreation Department updates the pool information year to year and makes an announcement on social media and in the Orono Observer.  In the event of inclement weather, the pool will close and a notice will go out on the Orono Parks and Recreation Facebook page. Please be prepared to sign in and show your receipt at the entrance. 

Municipal Rink 

The Municipal Rink is up near the Orono High School’s athletic fields. The rink has to be built over the course of a few weeks with subzero temperatures. The rink is 80 feet by 200 feet and is built layer by layer to create an ice rink. This rink is weather dependent and but Staff and volunteers work hard every year to get the rink looking as best it can for the season. The Municipal Rink is open 9am-9pm on weekends and 11am-9pm on weekdays. Maintenance is done on weekday mornings weather permitting. Updated openings and closures throughout the winter can be found on the Orono Parks and Rec Facebook page.  

Pop-Up Rink 

This is a "fill and freeze" style rink that is 60 feet by 30 feet. although it is a fill and freeze style the rink and the condition of the ice are heavily dependent on the weather. The location of this rink can change from year to year. This rink is limited to skating only. 

Community Playground

The yellow playground behind the Town Office is often used by Asa Adams elementary school however it is open to the public during daylight hours. The play area extends on the field and up Asa’s Hill. In the winter the hill is a popular spot for sledding. 

Orono Community Gardens 

The gardens are found next to and behind the Senior Center on Birch Street. The gardens are taken care of by a group of volunteers. Anyone is welcome to visit the gardens and take some fresh food. The gardens next to the Senior Center are used for projects and classes. If you are interested in volunteering or being a part of the Community Garden group please contact the Parks and Recreation Department so they can connect you with them. (207 889 6913) 

Goodridge Baseball Field 

Formally known as St Mary’s Field the Goodridge Baseball Field is located on the left of the road across from Asa Adams Elementary. Parking can be found in the municipal lot on the right and then down the footpath to the field. 

Marden Park 

Located on Park Street, is regularly used for youth baseball games. The historic field is consistent with Little League Regulations, having been used in that capacity for decades. the field is complete with seating, a batting cage, and a concession stand.

Open Spaces and Trails 

Webster Park 

One of our most popular parks in Orono. This park is over 4 acres with lots of places to sit and enjoy the view of the water. There is a parking lot on North Main Avenue for anyone to come and visit this park.

Brownie’s Park 

This park is right on the Stillwater. Accessible by a parking lot off of Bennoch Road. At the park, you can visit the Sally C. Jacobs memorial, launch your kayak or paddleboard in the river or just sit and relax near the water. A popular walking path runs through Brownie’s Park so it serves as a great access point for that trail as well. Sally C. Jacobs was a conservationist who was a founding member of the Orono Land Trust.

Union Street Launch

Although we have quite a few properties on the water Union Street is the only one where you can launch a boat on the Penobscot River. The launch here is not big enough for large motorized boats but is great for smaller vessels. Union Street is off of Margin Street which you can access from Island Ave.

Summer Street Park 

This small park is located at the very end of Summer Street. It is on the Stillwater River and is a great fishing spot.

Nadeau/Savoy Park 

Nadeau-Savoy Memorial Park provides a place for residents to enjoy the beautiful Maine weather and water. A popular relaxation destination for residents of all ages, it includes picnic areas and parking. It is dedicated to the memory of two Orono residents who lost their lives fighting in Vietnam. A parking permit is required to park here. Please click here to request your free parking permit.

Gould's Landing 

The landing includes a dock, a boat ramp, and spots to park cars with boat trailers. No permit is required to park in the boat trailer spots. 

Stillwater Trail    

This trail runs along the Stillwater River from downtown Orono off of Main Street to the Orono Cemetery off of Bennoch Road. This trail is made possible by a dozen property owners along the trail. Parking is found at Brownies Park off of Bennoch Road but the trail is accessible from two other locations, the Cometary and Main Street by the bridge. 

Sklar Park 

The entrance is at the end of Gilbert Street and at the end of Mainewood Avenue. This entrance brings you to a network of maintained trails. The 40-acre park was a gift from the David Sklar Family to the Town of Orono. This trail connects all the way to the Town Trails by Orono High School.

Town Woods

The Town Woods are located behind the Orono High School and connect into the network of trail systems on private property and eventually back to Town land at the Sklar Park property. These trails are heavily used by the High School for cross country running and nordic skiing. 

Jeremiah/Colburn Lot 

This lot of land between Forest Avenue and Bennoch Road contains a trail network and with the help of the Orono Land Trust, it was made accessible. There is no parking on Forest Avenue however there is some parking at the end of Forest Hill Terrace. 

Orono Bog Walk

The Orono Bog Walk provides a window into some of Maine's most interesting natural environments. Accessed via the Bangor city forest but located primarily within Orono, the focal point of the Bog Boardwalk is the peat bog itself, as well as the diverse vegetation and natural environments that surround it. while the Town of Orono does not own nor manage the bog, it is grateful to the Orono Land Trust, the University of Maine, and the City of Bangor for their involvement in the project that resulted in this incredible natural Orono landmark becoming available for the enjoyment of the public.



Orono's Birthday 

On March 12th the Town of Orono turns another year older. Free cupcakes are available for free pick up at different locations around town. History facts about the town will be posted on social media as fun facts. 



Usually the 3rd Saturday in June, Artsapalooza is a combination of all things' art in downtown Orono. There are performers, musicians, and readings that happen in businesses and on public property. This event usually put on in the evening and changes year to year based on the number of venues and performers. This is event is made possible by the Stillwater Community Arts group. 

Orono Pride Festival

Orono Pride host this event outside in June. Folks from all over can come to enjoy performances, vendors, arts and crafts, and other events all supporting LGBTQ+ individuals. This event is made possible by Orono Pride.  



Every Halloween the Town of Orono gets in the spooky spirit and we host a Trunk or Treat event on Mill Street. Local businesses, volunteers, and Town Staff hand out candy for trick-or-treaters and dress-up trunks 


Stillwater Trail of Lights

The Town of Orono supports the private efforts of the Stillwater Trail of Lights. The lights start at the parking area in Brownies Park and go down the trail and extends to private property. This event lasts through the month of December. 


The Town of Orono has a wide variety of boards and committees that serve many areas of our community. These committees are made up of appointed members and are led by a Town Staff member with a specific skill set or access to town resources to support each committee. The ones listed below are under the Parks and Recreation Department. For information on how to become involved with these specific ones contact the Parks and Recreation Department by phone at (207) 889-6913 or email Parks & Recreation Manager Meghan Mazzella. If you are interested in more general committee information please call the Town office so your question can be directed appropriately. (207) 866-2556  

Beautification  Committee

Coordinate, advise, and assist in the planting, maintenance, and protection of plant material within Orono including trees, shrubs, perennials, and seasonal plantings. This includes maintaining the public flower gardens in Orono. 

Trails Committee 

In order to effectively manage public trails, the Town has established a Trails Committee, appointed by the Town Council, which monitors trail conditions on Townlands, advises the Planning board in relation to projects that could impact the network of trails, and works with the Orono Land Trust, who maintain most of the public trails in Orono.


These groups have formal agreements with The Town of Orono. The relationships, agreements, and/or contracts for the groups listed below are managed by the head of the Parks and Recreation Department. 

University of Maine

The University of Maine and the Town of Orono have a very unique relationship. We work very closely with the Staff in the New Balance Recreation Center. They help provide, and train staff for RAD Camps and RAD After School. They also provide some unique programming like rock climbing lesions and year-round swimming lessons. These are made possible by the resources they have on campus. The "RAD" label is something we use to highlight programs that are primarily run by The University of Maine. 

The University also supports us in our youth sports programming and the Nickerson Pool by providing operational staff. 

Historical Society 

The Orono Historical Society is comprised of a group of citizens concerned with recognizing, remembering, safeguarding, and commemorating the history of the Town of Orono. The Society is especially interested in written, oral, photographic, and physical manifestations of old Orono. For information on how to join or become involved with the society, contact the Orono Parks and Recreation Department at (207) 889-6913 or email Meghan Mazzella.

Orono Land Trust 

Many of the trails and properties the town owns touch parcels that the Orono Land Trust owns or helps manage. The Orono Land Trust's main office is located in the Kieth Anderson Community House. 

Starwalk Stables 

Starwalk Stables is a local barn located on 437 Main Street in Orono. The Recreation Department works with them to provide an after-school horseback riding program. For more information on the stables and other offerings from Starwalk Stables, contact Lisa Parvo at 207 866 7511  

Orono Paddlers

The Orono Paddlers is an outside group that uses town land and Stillwater River access to host programming and community events. For more information on them and to become a member check them out here https://oronopaddlers.org/

Penobscot Valley Ski Club

The PVSC has been skiing together and planning events since 1936. Their youth Ski Farm program meets at Orono High School and uses the fields and trails in the area to teach kids some cross-country ski skills. The PVSC holds events throughout the winter and offers both individual and family memberships. Check out their website for more information and program information. 

Orono-Veazie Little League 

We allow the OVLL to use local fields and our Public Works Crew helps with the maintenance over the course of the baseball season. They offer T-ball, baseball, and softball for the appropriate age groups from 4 to 16 years old. More information and registration when in season can be found here: https://sites.google.com/view/ovll

Orono-Old Town Adult Education

The Riverside Adult Education Partnership represents a collaborative effort on the part of local school systems to provide services to adult learners in their communities. As a result of this partnership, we are better able to provide to our communities with a greater variety of academic, personal enrichment, and vocational skills courses. Community partners include; Alton, Bradley, Frankfort, Glenburn, Greenbush, Hampden, Hermon, Indian Island, Milford, Newburgh, Old Town, Orono, Winterport, Veazie, and the Penobscot County Jail. They are located near the Orono Middle School on Goodridge Drive. Visit their site here to learn more about programming and sign ups for all offerings. https://orono-hampden-oldtown.maineadulted.org/

Orono Health Association

The Orono Health Association's base of operations is the Birch Street Senior Center. They operate the Thrift Shop as well as collect medical supplies for Orono residents to borrow.


Housing Foundation

The Orono Housing Foundation owns properties in Orono to provide housing for low-income and elderly persons. They offer a meals program for a low cost out of the Birch Street Senior Center. 

MRPA (Maine Recreation and Parks Professionals) 

The Orono Parks and Recreation Department is proud of its employees to be a part of this professional organization. This provides staff with professional development opportunities and networking between other towns and similar organizations in Maine.