Prescription Drug Collection / Disposal

The Orono Police Department would like to remind the citizens of Orono about our medication return service. We would like to encourage people to use this opportunity to discard your outdated or unused prescriptions and over the counter medications. This is your opportunity to clean out the medicine cabinet. If medications are expired or no longer being used please use this service to help your community and the environment.

The Attorney General of Maine has provided a few good reasons to get rid of these medications. Medicines are often ineffective when kept past their expiration date. A person’s home may become a target for a burglary or theft by drug abusers. Unwanted prescriptions left around the house could be found and ingested by children, resulting in accidental poisoning.

If someone would like to turn in these medications they can come to the Orono Police Department and hand them over. We want people to feel comfortable with this process and will be trying to make it as convenient as possible. We will not be asking any questions from the person making the drop off. We do recommend the following:
  • Use a black magic marker to cross off person information on the container
  • When the medications are turned in please have them in the original vial, a sealed plastic bag or even a small grocery bag
  • Please no needles or liquid medications will be accepted
If anyone has any questions please contact the Orono Police Department at 866-4000 during the day or 866-4451 anytime and an officer will try to answer any of your questions.