The Planning Department, working in the Office of Community Development, provides Orono with comprehensive land-use planning services, including:

  • Long-range planning: Creating and periodically updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, as well as providing input on various other planning efforts.
  • Current planning: Administering the development project review process in collaboration with the Code Enforcement Department and the Town’s volunteer Planning Board.
  • Ordinance creation and maintenance: Maintenance and creation of the Town’s Land Use Ordinance and related regulations in order to guide desired forms of development.
  • Policy analysis: Providing decision-makers with quality information and analysis of alternative policy solutions, utilizing available data.

The Department routinely looks for opportunities for economic development and redevelopment; to maintain the rural character of outlying parts of Town; to promote excellence in the design of the built environment; and to protect the environmental quality of the community. We frequently collaborate with community, state and regional partners.

Land Use Ordinance

Orono's Land Use Ordinance is Chapter 18 of the Town's Code of Ordinances. It includes townwide zoning (Article IV), general performance standards (Article V), site plan review (Article VI), subdivision review (Article VII), floodplain management (Article VIII), and shoreland zoning (Article IX).

Regional Planning Efforts

Orono is a member of the Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System (BACTS), which sets priorities for transportation improvements in the Bangor Metro area.

Orono was one of 12 communities in the Penobscot Valley to work with the Trust for Public Lands on a regional open space plan. TPL used its "greenprinting" system - a combination of citizen participation, scientific analysis, and a geographic information system - to prepare the plan, The Penobscot Valley Community Greenprint, and a related, interactive web map.