Vision Government Solutions Letters

You may have recently received a letter by mail from Vision regarding the Town of Orono’s revaluation, asking you to set up an appointment and provide information to Vision about the interior of your home. Normally our assessing office would visit you in person, knocking on your door and asking to conduct an interior inspection of your hope for the purpose of assessment. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, we are unable to visit you in person, so Vision will be offering over the phone appointments with homeowners where they will ask you to verify information on file, including such items as year built, number of bedrooms; bathrooms, heating type, along with other interior information that would normally be collected during a typical interior inspection.

These letters are not a scam. And setting up an appointment to speak with Vision is completely optional. These conversations about the interior of your home are meant to benefit you, as well as to help the town keep up to date records about the properties in Orono.  

Per the letter you received, there are two ways to schedule a phone interview appointment with Vision: 

  1. You may go to and schedule an appointment by selecting your municipality and choosing a date and time. You will need to have your letter from Vision on hand as you will need PID number in the upper left corner to book your appointment.
  2. You may contact Vision by phone within 5-7 days of receiving your letter, by calling 1-888-844-4300 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday-Friday.

If you have further questions please call the Town of Orono Assessor’s Office at 207-889-6909.

What Does the Assessor Do?

The Assessor is responsible for ensuring that all properties are assessed fairly and equitably as well as providing information about the various tax relief programs available to the public.

Both real estate (land and buildings) and personal property (business equipment) are subject to taxation, unless they are specifically exempted by law or subject to another form of taxation, such as the excise tax for motor vehicles and boats. Most home furnishings are exempt from personal property taxes, therefore the property tax bill for most Maine homeowners is based on the value of the land and buildings (house and outbuildings).

If you need to update the name or contact information on your account, please fill out and mail in the Tax and Sewer Information Change Request form.

If you believe the assessed value of your property is not accurate, please download the Application for Abatement of Property Taxes and submit the completed form to

Have questions or need to meet with the Assessor?
Please call (207)889-6909 to schedule an appointment.