Notice! Town Offices & Library closed at 3:30pm, Nov 26th due to weather conditions.
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Town of Orono

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Photo of Orono Maine
The Orono Town Office during the Holidays
Photo of Orono Maine
Mill Street businesses, circa 1910
Photo of Orono Maine
Changing colors around a pond
Photo of Orono Maine
An overhead view of the flagship University of Maine campus


Council Members

Front (L-R):  Geoff Gordon, Tom Perry,Tom Spitz
Back: Judy Sullivan, Mark Haggerty, Lianne Harris, Cindy Mehnert

Cynthia Mehnert, Council Chair
21 College Heights
Orono, ME  04473

Geoffrey Gordon
22 Hamlin Street
Orono, ME  04473

Thomas Perry
136 Bennoch Road
Orono, ME  04473

Thomas Spitz
14 Kell Street
Orono, ME  04473

Judith Sullivan
214 Forest Avenue
Orono, ME  04473

Mark Haggerty
27 Winterhaven Drive
Orono, ME  04473

Lianne Harris
63 Forest Avenue
Orono, ME  04473