Elections & Voting

RSU 26 Election June 11, 2019



Article 1: In Favor of the RSU No. 26 budget as adopted during the RSU No. 26 public vote held on 6-11-2019.
Yes: 756
No: 281
Blank: 10

Article 2: In Favor of RSU No. 26 continuing with the budget validation process for an additional three years.
Yes: 693
No: 326
Blank: 28


Article 1: In Favor of the RSU No. 26 School Construction Bond as Presented
Yes: 631
No: 417
Blank: 0

Specimen ballots:

RSU26 Bond Question 

RSU26 Budget Questions

Three RSU 26 questions are on the ballot for the election being held on Tuesday, June 11th from 7:00am - 8:00pm at the Town Office upstairs in the Council Chambers.  Orono residents may register to vote on the day of the Election. Absentee ballots will be made available 30 days in advance of the Election date.

Past Elections Information:


Annual Municipal Election (Tuesday, March 12th 2019)
The Annual Municipal Election is being held on Tuesday, March 12th from 7:00am - 8:00pm at the Town Office upstairs in the Council Chambers.  Orono residents may register to vote on the day of the Election. Absentee ballots will be made available 30 days in advance of the Election date or by February 8th until the close of business on Thursday (March 7th). The open seats for this Election are the following: Town Council (2 Seats) (click here for Town Council candidates) and RSU No. 26 School Board (1 Seat).

On January 7, 2019, Council held a Public Hearing on the proposed amendments to the Town Charter and voted in favor of sending the changes to the March 12, 2019 Municipal Election.
For more information about the election please visit the following links.

To view sample ballots, click here

Presentation of Proposed Changes to the Town Charter

Proposed Town Charter Amendments (March 12 election ballot questions)

State of Maine Proclamation of vacancy for State Representative in District 124

Street List for residents voting to fill seat for District 124

Absentee voter instructions

Absentee ballot request form

Nomination Papers update

Town of Orono Voting Street List

250' Electioneering Boundaries for Town of Orono Polling Places


Orono Town Council & School Board Candidates’ Night

Thursday, February 7th, 7:00-9:00 p.m. 
Town Council Chambers 
59 Main Street, Orono

There are 4 candidates running for the two 3-year Council seats: Terry Greenier, Daniel R. LaPointe, Laurie J. Osher, and Adam C. Toothaker.  There is one candidate running for the one 3-year RSU #26 School Board seat: Geoffrey H. Wingard.

Your attendance is important: the Town Councilors and School Board members determine the level of service and approve the spending of your tax dollars for schools, snow plowing, trash removal, police & fire protection, housing code enforcement, zoning, etc. Come February 7th to ask questions and get to know the candidates.

To submit your questions for the candidates, call 889-6905 or send an email.

Attend in person or watch us live on the Town of Orono’s YouTube channel or Facebook page.

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11/6/2018 State of Maine General & Referendum Election Update:
The State Election was held on Tuesday, November 6th at the New Balance Field House & Memorial Gym on the UMAINE campus.  Voter turnout was the highest in 20 years for a mid-term Election.  The Town of Orono partnered with the UMAINE Political Science - Student Life Departments to staff various positions and also educate the public.  Sincere appreciation is expressed to the University of Maine Administration for hosting the polling place location, and Staff and Students for assisting with this Election before, during and after!  
NEW:  For Ranked Choice Voting Information - Please click here! 
            To view Notice of Election and Sample Ballots for 11/6/2018, Please click here! 

NEW:  To visit the State of Maine Ranked Choice Voting website with updates; please click the link here: http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/upcoming/rcv.html

If you reside within the United States and claim the town of Orono as your primary residence, you may request an absentee ballot or vote in person:
    For an Absentee Ballot Request Form, please click here!
     For Absentee Ballot Instructions, please click here!
     For Voter Registration Rules regarding Primary Elections and Enrollment, click here!
    To view the restricted activities for this Election, click here!
    To view the State of Maine updated political sign policy, click here! 
    To view a summary of election ballots cast with percentages, click here! 

If you claim Orono as your primary residence but reside outside the United States, please contact the State of Maine Elections Division 1-888-868-3763 to enroll as a UOCAVA voter for State/Federal Elections.  Should you have a local municipal Election question or to cast a municipal ballot, please call our office at (207)866-2556 or email: scrosby@orono.org
Finding the Orono Polling Place - Type of Election/Two Locations...
Federal and State Election(s) in November are held at the NEW BALANCE Field House & Memorial Gym building on UMAINE CAMPUS!  Look for the big "M"  Parking is in the adjacent lot located in front of building.  If you need curbside assistance, please contact our office ahead so we may make an accommodation.  Polls are open 7am to 8pm.
For State/Local combined Elections in March or June are held at the Orono Council Chambers in Town Hall.  59 Main Street beside the Public Safety Building.  Parking is in the back of the building.  An elevator is available and polls are open from 7am to 8pm.

As always, absentee ballots for any Election are available 30 days in advance upon request.  Voters may also vote in person at the Town Office during normal business hours. 

Interested in signing up to Vote or getting a ballot?